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102Fig X juvenile nephropathyAccordion
103fig 9 juvenile nephropathyAccordion
104Fig 4 JN fetal glomeruliAccordion
105Figure 7 JNAccordion
1065.1.1Multiple Choice
1075.1.2Multiple Choice
1085.1.3Multiple Choice
109JN Figure 5Accordion
110Fig 6 JNAccordion
111Fig 8 JNAccordion
112Fig 3B.JNAgamotto
113Fig 5A JNAgamotto
114Fig 5B JNAgamotto
115Fig 10 JNAccordion
116Algorithm for diagnosis of  non-ICGN* CKD in juvenile** dogsBranching Scenario (beta)
117FIG 11 JNAccordion
118Amyloid cat Figure 7Accordion
119Cat amyloid HE basic to labeledAgamotto
120Cat amyloid PAS basic to labeledAgamotto
121Cat amyloid TRI basic to labeledAgamotto
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