Chapter 10: Video Messaging

Lessons from Video That Apply to Other Formats

Attention spans are short and growing shorter. Love knows from experience that people aren’t going to dive deep unless you catch them with something that’s interesting enough for them to want to dive deep. Be unique, be entertaining and get to the point quickly. “You have to get into the person’s brain quickly with something that is interesting and engaging and when they walk away they have to remember who you were that said it,” Love says.

Extra Gum published a long-form video on YouTube for an advertising campaign featuring “The Story of Sarah & Juan.” The video shows the romance of a boy and girl over the years and how gum wrappers played a role in their love story. Extra found a story that resonated – AdAge reported the video received 74 million views in a week and praise from a Huffington Post article that “Everyone loves a good love story – even a quick one.”


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