Job Search Communications

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A number of complex communication situations arise during the process of searching for, applying to, interviewing for, and accepting a new internship or job. The stakes are high as you consider out how to position yourself as a professional in your field and it is deeply personal (you’re trying to convince someone that you are a capable and qualified individual), so many people often feel unsure of themselves or nervous about this process.

As with any type of communication, these skills take practice and preparation, and the material in this chapter is designed to give you a chance to develop strategies that will help build your confidence through the hiring process:

  • Reading and evaluating job postings
  • Developing an excellent résumé and application letter
  • Preparing for the interview and communicating after the interview

Focusing on communications and dynamics throughout the job search process also provides an opportunity to reflect on anti-discrimination laws in the United States and considering how those laws and the contemporary discourse about diversity in the workplace will play a role in your career.

Starting your career is a process of learning how to position yourself as a professional within your field, and much of that process relies on your ability to communicate effectively.


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