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Other Formats

In addition to EPUB and PDF formats, PressBooks offers a number of other formats as well. Here are some points to consider for these choices:

MOBI: Students should choose the MOBI format if they have an Amazon Kindle or use the Amazon Kindle software. You do not need to have a Kindle device to use the Kindle software. Kindle apps and software are available for download on Mac, PC, Android, BlackBerry, Windows OS and iOS.

HTML: An HTML website is a good format to use to distribute your textbook to students as it is a universal format that does not require any additional software beyond a web browser. HTML is also a good format to distribute your textbook in if you want others to be able to edit or customize your book. If possible, you can create a zip file of your HTML documents and make those available for other instructors to download, edit and host on their own websites.

Pressbooks also allows you to export your book in a number of other technical formats such as XML, XHTML, and HTMLBook. These create files that are primarily only of use to other content developers and not commonly used by book readers. Additionally, the new Clone Book feature in Pressbookshas made several of these redundant. We do not recommend using these formats in general, but if you think there is a specific, applicable use case for your title, they may be worth exploring.


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