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Ch. 7: Summary

In this module you learned some basic principles about the class of stimulant substances. As you can see, the class of psychoactive stimulant substances is quite diverse. We explored a number of different substances that fit into this classification:

  • amphetamines,
  • methamphetamine,
  • cocaine,
  • tobacco, and
  • caffeine.

We learned a bit about the effects of these substances on the human body and behavior. We also looked into the mechanisms by which they have their effects. You read about the different epidemiological patterns by which these different substances are used by individuals in the United States, and may have been surprised by data challenging some stereotypes. Finally, we explored some of the risks associated with the pattern of mixing the stimulants in energy drinks with alcohol.

You are now ready to review some of the key terms related to substance use disorders introduced in this book.