Contributors and Acknowledgements

This pressbook was prepared as part of a fellowship in the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry at The Ohio State University with contributions from Ola Ahlqvist, Claire Sweigart, Teresa Johnson, and Zach Hooten. The instructors, mentors, and participants of the 2019 Meaningful Inquiry Workshop, particularly Amanda Folk, Jane Hammons, and Chris Manion, were instrumental in the development of many of the ideas articulated in this pressbook. Patricia Wood contributed to the development of some activities. Numerous colleagues provided insights and shared their experiences including, in no particular order, Winifred Kehl, Ryan Yoder, Helen Chamberlin, Leigh Bonds, Mytheli Sreenivas, Chris Highley, Ryan Norris, Rachelle Adams, Kaiya Provost, John Hunter, Jill Leonard-Pingel, Alison Bennet, Robin Judd, Ruben Petreaca, Jim Hood, Marta Jarzyna, Melissa Petreaca, and Mirzaei Golrokh. Beth Black, Amanda Folk, and Jane Hammons provided constructive feedback, resources, and ideas that greatly improved this document. Ryan Norris shared assignments from his own CURE. Amanda Larson facilitated the publication of this document.