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Ohio Social Studies Standards Vocabulary words related to the Middle East:

6th grade: civilization; cultural region; international trade; migration; Buddhism; Christianity; Hinduism; Islam; Judaism; tradition; perspective; source; democracy; dictatorship; theocracy; produce; productive resources; supply; consumption; goods; manufactured items; production;
7th Grade: archeologist; artifact; norms; perspective; primary source; astrolabe; Christianity; governance; republic; Byzantine Empire; Turks; Islamic Civilization; Crusades; cultural change; social change; political power; Roman Catholic Church; empire; Silk Road; trans-Saharan slave trade; colonization; conquest; exploration; Buddhism; democracy; representative democracy; Magna Carta; productive resources; market.
8th Grade: perspective; primary source; secondary source; colonized; colonizing powers; economic development; Enlightenment; social; sovereign; displacement;  industrial; cultural bias; prejudice; stereotype; democratic ideals; national identity; representative democracy;


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