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Ch. 4: Policy Considerations

This reading brings us back full-circle to our Module 1 content about policy approaches for addressing substance misuse and addiction. You will be reading a brief opinion piece related to the implications for developing humane policy responses that come from what you have learned this semester about the biopsychosocial aspects of substance misuse and addiction. We are reading it now because it places detox in context, but also because it serves as a chance for us to look back and begin synthesizing the complicated content studied in this course. The reading is Humphreys, K., Malenka, R.C., Knutson, B., & MacCoun, R.J. (2017). Policy forum: Neuroscience and addiction—Brains, environments, and policy responses to addiction. Science, 356, 1237-1239.

In this brief article, you will read about:

  • The role of neuroscience in shaping policy about substance use and addiction
  • The role of environment in the course of addiction
  • Several policy response ideas from other nations.

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What do you think about this author’s stance about allowing “free market” principles to operate with regard to psychoactive substances like alcohol, tobacco and other drugs? Where do YOU think the evidence leads with regards to such policy positions?