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Much of its content originated from a series of tutorials, called net.TUTOR, by Ohio State University Libraries. These people contributed significantly to net.TUTOR’s content:

  • Shannon Baird
  • Leila Ben-Nasr
  • Beth Black
  • Karen Diaz
  • Danny Dotson
  • Sandra Enimil
  • Deborah Kuzawa
  • Brian Leaf
  • Cheryl Lowry
  • Tingting Lu
  • Anastasia Nurre
  • Nancy O’Hanlon
  • Amy Pickenpaugh
  • Diana Ramey
  • Melanie Schlosser
  • Yih Yee Wong

Graphic Credits

Types of Sources

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Sources and Information Needs

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Precision Searching

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Evaluating Sources

“The Outernet” illustration by John Atkinson from Wrong Hands.
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Ethical Use of Sources

“Wikipedian Protester” by Randall Monroe from XKCD.

How to Cite Sources

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