About the Book

In the past four years, we have been Graduate Teaching Associates and doctoral students at the Ohio State University’s Department of Teaching and Learning. This book is the product of our teaching experience and informed by the theories (e.g., Culturally Relevant Pedagogy) we have become familiar with in our doctoral studies, one of several publications we have co-authored on the subject. Our goal in writing this book is to empower our graduate-level ESL students to be confident and successful in their fields no matter whether they speak and write English “with an accent” or not.

We divided the book into five parts:

  • Starting Out in an American Classroom
  • Plagiarism at the ESL Composition Program
  • Reading as an Active Process
  • Writing at the Graduate Level
  • Communication in American Classrooms

Each chapter focuses on different cultural, social, and linguistic concerns that graduate-level ESL students might struggle with.


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