This book was a labor of love and collaboration, and I am truly grateful for the assistance I received from:

Jake Rahe and Zach Varda, two extremely talented graduates of the Ohio State School of Communication, who I had the honor of teaching in several classes, including feature writing. Without your interview assistance, this project could never have come to life. Your future is truly bright, and I am grateful to know and work with you.

Herb Grant, editor extraordinaire, who made sure I said what I meant and meant what I said.

The staff of Ohio State’s Office of Distance Education and E-Learning, for the inspiration and professional development you provide us all.

The Affordable Learning Exchange within ODEE, without whose support this project would never have been considered, let alone developed.

The Ohio State School of Communication and its commitment to our extraordinary students.

Ohio State University, where dreams come true.

Brian and Danny, who fill every day with love.


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