Exercise D: Software Design Pitch Video Prep

User Interview Analysis Pitch



The SDP requires that you create a pitch video ‘selling’ your game to the public, or to a potential investor. While these two audiences have differing concerns, both will want to see evidence that you can explain how your game appeals to its intended audience—specifically, how you’ve taken user input into account when designing and producing your game.

To convince either audience—the public or an investor—you’ll need a compelling pitch explaining how your pitch video will ‘sell’ your game. In addition, your audience attention span and time is a key concern, so you will want to create an explanation that is both precise and concise, as well as informative.


The purpose of the user interview analysis is to examine the ways in which your interviews influenced the development of your game to help shape the best possible pitch video for potential game users/investors.


  1. Review the results of your two user interviews, and write a paragraph summarizing the key takeaways from each interview that have influenced the development of your game(s).
  2. Next, with your team, create a mini pitch (2 mins or less) for another group, analyzing your interview results and explaining how you plan to address this user input through content/style choices as your team crafts the pitch video for your video game (For example, if you noted that your user is interested in games that are fast paced and challenging, how will you capture/convey those qualities of your game in the pitch? Visually? Verbally? Be specific).
  3. Pitch your video content and style to another group. Group members watching the presentation should take notes and provide feedback and suggestions based on whether content/style seems appropriate, given the audience for the pitch video and its purpose.
  4. With your group, review the feedback you received and determine how you will use it to produce your pitch video.


Your user interview analysis should be precise and concise: For example, instead of saying you’ll use visuals to ‘catch the viewer’s attention,’ try, ‘to address the user’s interest in fast paced and challenging games, we will use rapid cuts between shots of users playing the game, as well as an exciting description of the key challenges users have to accomplish to win’)Finally, pay careful attention to transitions and repetition of key terms so that your reader understands which strategies will be used to addressed which elements of your game that were influenced by the interviews.


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