This guide is designed for students in the Fundamentals of Engineering Program at The Ohio State University. It will introduce the general principles of technical communication in the context of engineering, serve as a guide during the writing process, and provide links to additional resources.

‚ÄúTechnical Communication‚ÄĚ is a broad category that includes numerous ways of sharing information about specialized subjects. Some examples include user guides for software, product specifications, patents, assembly instructions, technical diagrams and illustrations, and websites about medical products. The most important principle of technical communication is that the information be presented in a way that is clearly organized, audience-appropriate, and easily understood.

We want students to establish strong technical writing skills that will transfer into their major areas and develop essential professional skills. Students should recognize the difference between context-specific rules (like assignment requirements) and general best practices to prepare for further coursework and professional roles.

The goals of this guide are:

  1. To make information available that will help students successfully complete technical communication assignments in the Fundamentals of Engineering Program.
  2. To connect students to additional resources that will help them further improve the quality of their technical communications.


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