We would like to acknowledge the collaboration and contributions of many people and departments at the Ohio State University who made this project possible. First of all, the voices included here from oral history projects, digital archives and podcasts that help us understand the impact of the Latin@ community in the Midwest, are essential to this book.

The Office of Distance Education and E-learning (ODEE) provided a small grant to develop textbooks that are affordable to our students. They also provided technical support.

The Spanish and Portuguese department (SPPO)’s financial contribution also helped us support the work of two graduate students for this project.

Paloma Pinillos Chávez helped us with the grammar videos included in this book. She provided the scripts and outlines to be able to record short lessons to complement each chapter.

Christian Supiot Pérez, our Production Editor’s careful attention to detail and feedback was essential to this project. He helped us proofread, format and program each of the items and activies in this book. This is and was not an easy task!

The book cover was designed and donated by a local Latino artist, el puertorriqueño Jeremy Rosario Maldonado.


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