Introduction to the Coursebook

Welcome to the online interactive coursebook for our Theories and Biological Basis of Addiction course.

These materials are designed to be read either interactively online or after downloading to your computer (you can print them out in hard copy, too, if you prefer). You have the option of reading the materials interactively on multiple types of devices, including EPUB and MOBI (works best for small screens like phones). The downloads are available on the front page of the book. Click the link to “Download this book” and then select your preferred format.

screenshot of the "Download this book" link on the front cover of the pressbook

To read the contents of a module, just click on the “Contents” field in the top-left corner of the web page to extend the accordion. Then click the “+” button to extend the menu and access the rest of the chapters in the module.

The embedded interactive exercises require internet connectivity but each can be downloaded for offline work—you simply will not benefit from the immediate feedback the online interactive environment offers. These interactive exercises are presented to help you practice with what you are reading, to challenge yourself, prepare for quizzes, and have a little fun along the way.

Each Module contains a list of key words at the end explaining terms highlighted in bold italics throughout the text. If you click on one of these, it will take you to the
Key Terms section where you can see a definition/description of the term. Then, you can use the back arrow to return to where you were reading.

Where there are additional outside readings assigned, the links are provided in your Carmen course “Introduction—Tasks” area with the full reference provided in the reference list at the end of each module.

To read the contents of a module, click on the Contents a dropdown menu where there is  “+” sign for a list of the contents assigned. This should help you navigate chapters, too.



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