Parthenon, ICTINOS and CALLICRATES, Greek, ATHENS, Greece, 438 BC

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Plan of ParthenonPlan of AcropolisParthenon Orthographic Projections

plan, site plan, elevations, and section of Parthenon

Image of Parthenon.

Image 1:

Image of Parthenon on Acropolis.

Image 2:


Image 3:

Aerial Acropolis

Image 4:

Greek Temple Optical ManipulationsGreek Temple Optical Manipulations

curved stylobate of Parthenon

Image of Detail of Parthenon.

Image 5:

parthenon reconstruction

Image 6:


Image 7:

crowning of athens

Image 8:

Statue of athena in parthenon

Image 9:   

Image of Athena Statue

Image 10:

Image of Nashville Parthenon

Image 11:

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