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There are two versions of this book. One is a Pressbooks version, an online OSU provided platform. The other is an ePub, a more visual version of the book with images in slideshows. Both versions have the same text and images. References to ePub are for the iPad using iBooks (the most anticipated use of this book at OSU) and an ePub version that can be downloaded for view on desktop or laptop, on a PC or MAC.

This book is meant to be exploratory, visual and stir curiosity. The format is meant to capitalize on the digital capacities of each format, enhanced on iPad or ePub format with slideshows of images. It is written for an audience new to architecture and landscape architecture, or someone interested in learning introductory content for each topic. There are many vocabulary words incorporated into the text, which may likely be new to the reader. The architecture and landscape architecture topics are organized through the formal ordering systems of central, linear, grid, planar and volumetric organizations. Within each of these chapters, the topics are organized relatively chronologically, with some exceptions when a more direct comparison was desired. The images have been carefully selected to correspond to the text. Many are from the author and you may recognize similar images in lecture, an expanded version of this book.


If Pressbooks is downloaded as pdf, glossary links may not work.


On Pressbooks to move from page to page: top left corner, Contents tab separates projects by Centers, Line, Grid, Plane, Volume. Glossary for entire book is also available on this tab. Within an article/project, red bar at bottom will lead to next or previous project.

How to search for a topic (index):

On Pressbooks, add topic in search bar at top right corner.

Images in Pressbooks:

Can right click to download images.

How to take notes:

Notes are not possible on Pressbooks or an iPad ePub.

On a downloaded ePub on a desktop/laptop, one can add notes through the notes button in top right corner (page with pencil icon).

How glossary works:

Pressbooks: In an article, click on the CAPITALIZED vocabulary word for a glossary definition to pop up. Click off the word to make the definition disappear. Glossary words can also be found for the entire book on the Glossary Tab, bottom of Contents list (see upper left bar).


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