Additional Weed Regulations in Ohio

Additional Weed Regulations in Ohio

Rose multiflora,
multiflora rose

Purple Loosestrife Lythrum salicaria

Currently, this species and all of its cultivars are considered noxious weeds in Ohio. In Ohio, certain related species of Lythrum salicaria are allowed to be sold; whereas some states ban the entire genus. Contact the Ohio Department of Agriculture for details. All laws and regulations concerning noxious weeds are subject to change.

Multiflora Rose Rose multiflora

Multiflora rose may be used by licensed nurseries as rootstocks for other rose species. To use this plant for any other reason, a special permit is needed from the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Multiflora rose is a thorny and invasive woody plant. It is difficult to eliminate once established. Note: multiflora rose can be distinguished from other roses by the presence of fringe-like stipules at the leaf bases.

Ohio Noxious Seed Law

Ohio also has a noxious seed law, enforced by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. It prohibits certain weed seeds from being present in crop seed. Most of the prohibited species are troublesome perennials that spread quickly and weeds that have not yet been introduced to Ohio. For a list of weeds prohibited in commercial seeds, contact the Ohio Department of Agricultures Division of Plant Industry. Lists are available of weed seeds which are prohibited in crop seed (primary noxious weeds), and weed seeds which are not allowed to exceed 0.25% of a crop seeds weight (secondary noxious weeds). No crop seed may contain weed seed of any kind exceeding 2.5% by weight.

Extension Guides to Weed Control

These guides are available from your county OSU Extension office. Many are also available on-line at Ohioline, Extension’s website:

Weed Control Guide for Ohio Field Crops, Bulletin 789

Corn, Soybean, Wheat and Alfalfa Field Guide, Bulletin 827

Ohio Agronomy Guide, Bulletin 472

Controlling Weeds in Nursery and Landscape Plantings, Bulletin 867

Control of Turfgrass Pests, Bulletin L 187

The Ohio Vegetable Production Guide, Bulletin 672

Midwest Small Fruit Pest Management Handbook, Bulletin 861

Ohio Christmas Tree Producers Manual, Bulletin 670

OSU Weed Management

Quick Guide to Weed Regulations in Ohio Law

ORC 907.10 – outlines the duties of the Director of Agriculture, one of which is to establish primary and secondary noxious weeds.

ORC 731.51 – 731.53 – gives municipal corporations the authority to eliminate noxious weeds from properties.

ORC 927.681 – regulates multiflora rose.

ORC 927.682 – regulates purple loosestrife.

ORC 4959.11 – gives managers of toll roads or railroads authority to destroy certain listed weeds and brush.

ORC 5579.04 – 5579.08 – gives highway departments and township trustees authority to control noxious weeds.

OAC 901:5-37-01 – lists prohibited noxious weeds.


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