What is a Noxious Weed

Noxious Weeds Introduction

Noxious weeds are especially problematic weeds. They possess one or more of the following attributes:

• Aggressive competition with cultivated plants

• Toxicity to livestock

• Natural habitat degradation

• Threat to public health, safety, or navigation

The Federal Noxious Weed Law (1974) controls the importation of weed species into the United States. Most states also have their own noxious weed laws. The goal of this Bulletin 866-98 is to aid in the identification of Ohio’s noxious weeds.

Ohio has several laws governing weed control. For a brief guide to these laws, see page 23. According to Ohio regulations, county and township officials may regulate noxious weeds on private property and public roadways. Authorities may issue a written notice to eradicate noxious weeds which are spreading or about to set seed. Upon receiving the notice, a resident has five days to comply or the weeds may be removed at the resident’s expense.

If you are concerned that noxious weed species may be on your property, this Bulletin 866-98 may help you identify them. Your county Extension office also may help you make a positive identification of these weeds. Weed control options are not provided in this Bulletin 866-98 because they change with the crop or situation. A list of OSU Bulletin 866-98s with weed control recommendations is provided on page 23. Your Extension agent also can suggest the best way to eradicate a noxious weed problem.

Ohio’s Noxious Weeds: http://codes.ohio.gov/oac/901%3A5-37

FOR CONTROL ALWAYS BE AWARE: treatment timing determines effectiveness of treatment!


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