Ohio’s Noxious Weeds

Wild mustard

Brassica kaber var. pinnatifida,
wild mustard

Family: Mustard, Brassicaceae.

Habitat: Wasteland, roadsides, grain and other fields crops, primarily in northern Ohio.

Life cycle: Annual annual or summer annual.

Growth Habit: 1-2 feet high, branched and erect.

Leaves: Alternate, 2-7 inches long. Lower leaves have petioles and are irregularly lobed and toothed with bristly hairs; upper leaves are smaller and may not be lobed; petioles lacking or short.

Stem: Branched near top, bristly.

Flower: June – October. 1/2 inch, bright yellow, four-petal flowers borne in small terminal clusters.

Fruit: Slender, slightly curved, smooth seedpod about 1 inch long; borne on upper branches.

Similar plants: The yellow rocket looks similar but has rounded lower leaves that are more heart shaped.

Root: Short taproot.

The problem is….Seeds live in the soil for many years. Very common in cultivated fields. Cultivation brings seeds to the surface where they germinate.

Wild mustards bright yellow flowers may be seen during most of the growing season in Ohio.

Gallery 21.1 Wild mustard, Brassica kaber

Young plant
Entire plant


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