26 Meet the Author

Priscilla Howland

Hello! My name is Priscilla Howland. I am studying Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability with a specialization in Community Development at The Ohio State University. I wrote this chapter during the 2020 Autumn semester. I decided the topic of my chapter, Houseplants and my Personal Journey with Spirituality, while wracking my brain in my apartment while being surrounded by my thriving houseplants. I found Michael Pollan’s work in Second Nature: A Gardener’s Education to be especially inspirational and wanted to make a connection between his work and the rise of houseplants. The more that I dug into Pollan’s ideas, the more compelled I was to make a connection to our constructed personal environments and spirituality, as I was on my own spiritual journey at the time. I hope this chapter allows you to look at your houseplants in a different light and expand your perspective on spirituality and nature.


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