32 Meet the Author

Ashlyn Hu

Hi there! My name is Ashlyn Hu and I wrote my chapter when I was a Junior at Ohio State. During my time at this University, I studied Environmental Policy and Decision-making with a specialization in Policy and Governance. At the time I was coming up with a topic for my chapter, I had just accepted an internship at Environmental Defense Fund’s China program. This opportunity, along with my interest in religious studies, sparked my decision in exploring Daoist philosophy and its interconnections with Ecofeminism, which was an area I wished we had discussed more about in class. Throughout the time of my research, I began to realize more and more that I have incorporated aspects of Daoist ecofeminist philosophy into my own life, regardless of my religion. I hope that in reading my chapter, readers can identify with the Daoist ecofeminist thought through their own spiritual journey with the natural world.


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