About the Editors

Georgia is a fourth-year student majoring in Environmental Policy and Decision Making with a minor in Cultural Anthropology. Following her graduation in May 2022, she plans to attend law school and focus on environmental and human rights law. Her chapter, “Manifest Destiny: The American Dream, or an Ecological Crisis?” discusses the alleged anomaly of westward expansion and its apparent Christian motivations.


Hallie is a fourth-year studying Environmental Policy and Decision-Making with a specialization in Environmental and Social Justice. She is broadly interested in community-based solutions to climate change, equitable city planning, and the intersections of gender, race, and environmental issues. Her chapter, “The Sacredness of Water” examines the ways in which water is featured in the texts, traditions, and beliefs of four major world religions, and how these unique/similar interpretations of water may serve as potential motivations for water conservationism or activism.


Emerson is a third-year studying Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability with a minor in French. He plans to work and study in the field of environmental regulation, continuing his interest in agriculture and sustainability. His chapter, “Reconnecting with Creation Through Regenerative Agriculture” examines a new style of style agriculture that is gaining traction, and how many farmers are using it to re-connect to nature and religion.