16 Meet the Author

Addy Zenko

Me in Denali, Alaska. Photo by Sara K. Mills.

My name is Addy Zenko, and I wrote this piece during my third year as a student of Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability within Ohio State’s School of Environment and Natural Resources. I have long been intrigued by the intersection of sociopolitical matters and the environment, and during my time at Ohio State I have begun to understand that our human “environment” encapsulates far more than the natural spaces outside of our homes. This piece is a testament to that growth in understanding: it chronicles my life as an increasingly competent cook and outlines the forces that grant the kitchen its immortal power. Drawing on my personal experiences as well as religious wisdom from several major denominations, timeless insight from sage philosophers, and the evolved structure of the human mind and body, this piece seeks to encourage its readers to become more consciousness about how they eat and, in turn, get their hands messy in the kitchen.


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