8 Meet the Author

Natalie Pax

I was a student in the course “Religion and Environmental Values in America” in the Spring of 2018, during my junior year at OSU. The textbook for this course was just being established at that time, and I was excited to partake in its early development and contribute my essay titled Embracing Mystery in the Search for Truth. The breadth of topics, perspectives, and religions explored throughout the course prompted me to dive deeper into an inquiry of what ‘truth’ really constitutes and the ways in which humans understand meaning and spirituality in life. Since graduating from OSU in 2019, I have participated in the Allegheny Mountain Institute Food and Farming Fellowship program, working in sustainable agriculture and community-based food systems as well as traveled to Costa Rica to live and work in an eco-village called Pachamama. I hope to continue exploring the intersection of society and the environment in graduate school studying Human Geography.


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