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Emerson Gifford


I’m Emerson Gifford. I wrote this essay in my second year at The Ohio State University. I’m studying Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability as a major with a minor in French. The idea of writing about sustainable agriculture came from a book I came across called Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life by David Montgomery. Interestingly, the book discusses the original people to introduce the idea of regenerative agriculture, who were researchers at The Ohio State University in the early 20th century. Introducing myself into the world of regenerative agriculture changed my class and career path for the better, because I believe the practice is a powerful option for climate capture and as an option to reverse climate change. As a powerful way to reconnect with nature, studying regenerative agriculture also reignited my receding connection to religion. I’m excited to continue studying this topic, and I hope you enjoy reading and learning along with me.


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