Tree in grassy valley under starry sky with moon and bright lights rising from Earth
Courtesy of Bess-Hamiti, 2015, Pixabay. Public Domain.

We thank you for reading and downloading Environmental ScienceBites Volume 2. If you are interested in more environmentally focused student articles, please check out the first volume of the text, Environmental ScienceBites available in Pressbook, Apple iBook, and Google Play ePub. You may also enroll in our open access Environmental Science course trilogy through Courses include Earth’s Environment: Soil, Water, and Air, Energy and Earth: Fossil Fuels, Alternative, and Renewable Energy, and Life on Earth: Biomes, Climates, Ecology, and Evolution. Courses can be located by searching “environmental science” within the platform. The course series is based on the “Introduction to Environmental Science” course, taught at The Ohio State University, which facilitated the creation of this textbook.


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