Ch. 5: Summary

In the readings for Module 2 you read about:

  • Key terms related to substance use, misuse, and use disorders and how these terms are used—substance use, substance misuse, substance use disorder (SUD), tolerance, withdrawal, and a biopsychosocial perspective;
  • Current diagnostic criteria applied to alcohol and other substance use disorders (AUD and SUD) in the United States and around the world (DSM-5 and ICD-11);
  • Two different systems used in the classification of different types of substances—classification by effects on the brain and body and the DEA schedule of controlled substances; and,
  • Three key trending topics in the area of substance use/misuse—the historical and contemporary stances on the disease and brain disease models of addiction, harm reduction, and a recovery orientation.

At this point, you have acquired a great background for engaging with our next topic—Module 3’s examination of the biological models reflected in a biopsychosocial understanding of substance misuse.


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