Module 12: Focus on OTC & Prescription Drugs, Inhalants, Steroids, and Pharmacotherapy Agents


With the exception of two types of substances we have not yet covered (inhalants and anabolic steroids), this module takes a somewhat different turn from the formula we followed in our modules about alcohol, sedative-hypnotic/CNS depressant, cannabis/hallucinogen, stimulant, and opioid substances. In this module we address prescription drug misuse, which was touched on in our modules concerning sedative-hypnotic/CNS depressant, stimulant, and opioid misuse. Along with prescription misuse, we address over-the-counter (OTC) substance misuse, as well. The module concludes with a chapter concerning the use of medications as therapeutic agents as an option in treating substance misuse/use disorders (pharmacotherapy), particularly in the detoxification (detox) phase of intervention.

Reading Objectives

After engaging with these reading materials and learning resources, you should be able to:

  • Describe the patterns and effects of inhalant and anabolic steroid misuse;
  • Identify issues related to prescription and OTC drug misuse;
  • Identify basic principles of pharmacotherapy applied in treating substance use disorders, including in “detox” protocols;
  • Explain key terms and concepts related to misuse of inhalants and steroids, prescription and OTC substance misuse, and pharmacotherapy.


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