Jacquelyn C.A. Meshelemiah

The writing of this book was partially funded by the Affordable Learning Exchange (ALX) program at The Ohio State University.  I am thankful for the weekly check-ins with Alexis Duffy, Office of Distance Education and eLearning, who kept me on track and accountable. Jasmine Roberts, OSU Communications Department, single-handedly taught me the steps and stages to writing and publishing a pressbook. Michael Shiflet, a graphic artist with the Office of Distance Education and eLearning created our amazing cover. Na’Tyra Green, one of President Drake’s (president of The Ohio State University) writers, edited our book. Her expertise is invaluable. Dr. Tom Gregoire, the Dean of the College of Social Work,  allowed me time away from the classroom to write this book. I am grateful for his unwavering support of my career. My co-author, doctoral student, Graduate Research Associate, Graduate Administrative Associate, and mentee—Raven E. Lynch, thank you for writing this book with me.  I could not have written this book without you. You are simply amazing!!

My children—thank you for allowing me to write for hours at a time without interruptions while applauding me for caring so much about human rights and trafficked children, women and men.

My siblings—thank you for believing in your “smart”, “go-getter” and “focused” sister. I cannot ask for better siblings.  You are the best.

My friends—thank you for encouraging me to write this book.

My mom… I wish you were here to read this book.

Raven E. Lynch

To the Affordable Learning Exchange program and the College of Social Work at The Ohio State University, I am so appreciative of the opportunity to co-write this book. Specifically, to Dr. Jacquelyn C.A. Meshelemiah, I thank you for choosing and putting your trust in me as a doctoral student to collaborate on such a big project as well as your guidance and mentoring throughout this whole process.

My cohort friends and colleagues—thank you for all the reference suggestions, hours spent in coffee shops, and pep talks along the way!


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