This book, “The Cause and Consequence of Human Trafficking: Human Rights Violations”, is a call for education and action.  The authors of this book are both social workers who are passionate about justice, human rights, and anti-trafficking work.  We have written this book in an effort to educate the reader about human trafficking and human rights violations from multiple lenses.

The book is divided into six sections. They include:

  1. Introduction to Human Trafficking
  2. Sex Trafficking
  3. Labor Trafficking
  4. Various Forms of Human Trafficking
  5. Action
  6. Resources

The sections contain chapters that include an abstract, learning objectives, key words, definitions, content on a specific aspect of trafficking, images, interactive quiz items, a case study, a summary and supplemental learning materials.  Each chapter is intended to educate the reader, engage the reader and equip you with the tools (information, steps, etc.) to do something.  “Doing something” will look different from person to person, but this book is a call to action. We all can do something. As you read through this book, you will start to realize what you are able to do.

Section I is intended to give an Overview of Human Trafficking. Content includes social work’s background and charge to promote social justice and human rights; the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights articles; landmark trafficking legislation; Trafficking in Persons (TIP) ratings; and theories to provide a context for human trafficking. This introductory chapter gives the reader the basics of human trafficking and human rights.

Section II covers Sex Trafficking. Content includes sex trafficking in the context of forced prostitution, the male entertainment industry, pornography and Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. This section also contains a chapter on substance use and sex trafficking.

Section III covers Labor Trafficking and Supply Chains.  Common household products that most people consume on a regular basis will be discussed along with the behind-the-scenes processes in the making of the product as it relates to supply chains.

Section IV highlights Various Forms of Human Trafficking as it presents around the world. Content includes child brides, child soldiers and organ trafficking.

Section V includes content on how to go into Action mode based on a diverse range of trafficking situations. Chapters are on survivor-led leadership, certification of foreign nationals who are sex trafficked, and  identifying trafficking victims in healthcare settings.

Section VI is a list of Resources available to deepen your understanding of human trafficking and to equip you with tools to take action.


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