Chapter 10: Case Study: Animal Welfare and Food Ethics

10.1 A Sampler: Religious Food-Environment Events

The following event flyers give a sense of some of the interests and approaches that have been emerging related to food systems in faith communities in recent years:

Rabbi Fred Dobb’s Jewish sustainable foods lecture drew standing room only in the Ohio Union at Ohio State in March of 2011. Rabbi Dobb is from Bethesda, MD, and a leader with both the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life and Interfaith Power and Light. Coincidentally, this event was the first “zero waste” event at OSU with support from the office of Energy Services and Sustainability. Event organizers did not expect such a robust turn-out; some have been surprised by growing faith community interest in food systems.
In March of 2014, Nigel Savage, Jewish food movement leader and founder of the Jewish environmental organization Hazon, drew even larger audiences at several events on the Ohio State Columbus campus, including a program at OSU Hillel and a seminar in the School of Environment and Natural Resources (audio available here, transcript available here).


In November of 2018, the Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO), Ohio State, and Franklinton Farms co-hosted a conference focused on developing regional food hubs. MTSO’s Seminary Hill Farm has become a leading eco-theology farm and teaching center, and MTSO plays host to regular faith-based food systems events.


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