Module 4 Summary

This information-loaded module began with an introduction to how investigators manage and analyze qualitative data. You learned a bit about transcription and coding practices and issues, and are encouraged to pursue more advanced training in these skill sets. The remainder of the module introduced a sizeable number of topics, issues, and skills related to analyzing quantitative data. One important distinction you learned about concerns univariate and bivariate analyses. In the univariate domain you learned univariate techniques for describing data representing different types of variables (categorical, dichotomous categorical, ordinal, and interval/continuous variables). These included frequency and proportion descriptive statistics, as well as central tendency (mean, median, mode) and variability (range, variance, standard deviation) statistics. You also learned how this type of information might be presented in tables and figures, and learned the basic elements of normal distribution. This module explained the probability logic underlying inferential statistics and null hypothesis testing, as well as Type I and Type II errors. You learned to craft and interpret null hypotheses, and how information about statistical criterion values are managed (distribution tables, confidence intervals, p-values, and α levels). Five basic parametric approaches for inferential statistical analysis were introduced along with their underlying assumptions and how they are interpreted: one-sample t-test, independent samples t-test, one-way analysis of variance (Anova), chi-square, and correlation analyses. Finally, you were introduced to non-parametric approaches which might be used in situations where the assumptions underlying the parametric approaches might be violated. Throughout the module, you were provided with opportunities to practice new skills using Excel. Our next (and final) course module addresses how results from social work, social science, and behavioral research might be presented to varied audiences.


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