Module 2 Module Summary

The chapters in this module covered a wide range of topics. You read about the nature of social work research questions and how these relate to different types of research. The different types included those involved in a translational science process, as well as those addressing epidemiology, etiology, or mechanisms of change questions. The framework of exploratory, descriptive, and explanatory research was introduced, and this framework will be revisited in future modules as we examine different research methodologies. The role of theory in relation to research and the role of theory and research in promoting social justice were also examined in this module. The importance of recognizing how social work interfaces with other disciplines was emphasized, as well. Finally, you were presented with a great deal of information about empirical literature—what it is, where to find it, and how to review it. All of this information is designed to assist you as a social work professional as you strive to develop your understanding of diverse populations, social work problems, and social phenomena, and engage in efforts to develop culturally responsive intervention strategies. This information serves as a foundation, relevant in our next course about understanding interventions.


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