Preface & Orientation

Welcome to the online coursebook for SWK 3401 Research & Statistics for Understanding Social Work Problems and Diverse Populations course. There are several tools built into these chapters, designed to enrich and guide your learning.

  • Material may be reviewed in three different formats: online (EPUB), downloaded (PDF), or as Mobilepocket (MOBI) format, which is better suited to small-screen devices.
  • Embedded interactive “Stop and Think” exercises require internet connectivity, but each can also be downloaded for offline work. These exercises are presented to help you apply what you are reading, challenge yourself, prepare for quizzes, and have a little fun along the way.
  • A list of key terms is presented at the end of the module coursebook to explain text appearing as highlighted in bold italics throughout the coursebook—in the interactive mode you can click on a highlighted word to jump to its explanation in the key terms section. Use the back arrow to return to where you were reading.
  • “Back to Basics” textboxes appear in some chapters of some modules. These are designed as refreshers of some concepts that you may have learned in the past and that have applicability to the present material.
  • Green highlighted boxes appearing in some chapters/modules refer you to learning activities in your online interactive Excel Workbook. These learning activities relate to content introduced in your main coursebook. The intent is for you to complete each Excel Workbook activity as you encounter it, then return to the coursebook.

Should you find it necessary to cite portions of the coursebook, here is the recommended citation:    Begun, A.L. (2018). SWK 3401 online coursebook: Research & statistics for understanding social work problems and diverse populations. The Ohio State University, Open Educational Resources.



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