Module 6: Social Context Theories

Ch. 2: Social Contexts

This chapter explores additional topics related to the social context of substance use. The reading for this chapter is Moos, R. (2006). Social contexts and substance use. In W.R. Miller & K.M. Carroll, (Eds.), Rethinking substance abuse: What the science shows and what we should do about it, (pp.182-200).

In this chapter you will read about:

  • theoretical perspectives called behavioral economics/behavioral choice theory, social learning theory (that we included in Module 5, Psychological Theories), and stress and coping theory.
  • family factors in substance use and misuse
  • friends and peer groups in substance use and misuse
  • work and neighborhoods in substance use and misuse
  • a little about prevention (more on this topic in Module 7)
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Please try this exercise to test your knowledge:

Please try this exercise to test your knowledge:


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