Modules 3 & 4: Biological Models of Addiction

Ch 5: Summary

In this Module 3 & 4 online coursebook, you learned about some basic principles of neuroscience as they relate to understanding what happens with substance use, substance misuse, substance use disorders and addiction. We explored the world of genetics, and how this can both contribute to and protect from the development of a substance use disorder. We also learned why a person’s genetic makeup is not sufficient to predict the outcome because of the key role played by the interaction with environment and experience. You were also introduced to a great deal of information concerning how drugs affect the brain at a neurotransmitter level, as well as at the level of neuroanatomy, and how other body systems might be affected by substance use. Furthermore, you saw how this knowledge relates to drug exposure and use at different periods of development across the lifespan and how it relates to treatment, recovery, and prevention issues.

You are now ready to review some of the key terms related to substance use disorders that were introduced in this book.


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