Module 6: Social Context Theories

Ch. 5: Summary

In this Module 6 online textbook, you learned several basic principles about the social context and physical environment as they relate to understanding what happens with substance use, substance misuse, substance use disorders, and addiction. We explored many ideas related to this complex topic. Not only were you introduced to several theories (social ecological theory, deviance theory, labeling theory, behavioral economics, and stress/coping theory), you also examined some of the systems that are relevant (family, peers, workplace, neighborhood, and cultural systems). And, you were introduced to the controversy surrounding the family disease model and concept of codependency.

This module concludes our separate analysis of the bio, psycho, and social in our biopsychosocial framework. In Module 7 we will be putting them together again into a more unified whole.

You are now ready to review some of the key terms related to substance use disorders that were introduced in this book.


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