Modules 3 & 4: Biological Models of Addiction

Ch. 3: Biology of Addiction

This chapter goes into greater detail about some of the topics introduced in the NIDA publication, and some additional content mentioned in our classification system from Module 2. You will be reading a chapter about neurobiology and addiction from Begun and Brown (2014). As further assistance to your learning, this chapter also includes a case example in which many of the concepts are applied.

In this chapter you will read about:

  • the role of genetics in substance use disorders/addiction;
  • basic neuroanatomy as it relates to substance use disorders/addiction;
  • basic neurophysiology as it relates to substance use disorders/addiction;
  • substance use and human development;
  • neurobiology and recovery from substance use disorders;
  • clinical implications of this information; and,
  • key terms used in the field of substance use disorders and addiction.
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