Module 11: Opioids

Ch. 6: Summary

In this Module 11 online coursebook, you learned about the class of substances known as opioids. You read about the various prescription drugs in this class and about heroin, as well. You were also introduced to some of the medications that might be used to help treat opioid addiction. This is a topic we will cover in greater detail in Module 13 when we explore pharmacotherapy and medication assisted treatment (MAT). Much of our attention in Module 11 addressed the nation’s encounter with an opioid epidemic—some theories about its origins and ideas for addressing the problem. Then we looked specifically at heroin as one of the opioid substances misused in this country. Tied into these discussions was information about the dangers arising from the introduction of fentanyl (and carfentanil) into the equation. We also directed attention to the problem of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). Finally, we tried to find some balance and context about the problems by reading an opinion piece concerning the relative magnitude of the opioid problem and problems with alcohol.

You are now ready to review some of the key terms related to substance use disorders that were introduced in this book.


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