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Novice Support: Hazard Control and Prevention of Infection

Background Information

Biosecurity Concepts

In prior coursework, you may have learned about the concepts of infectivity, virulence, and pathogenicity.  Be sure to review these concepts (if you have not received this information yet, it is summarized below).  The infectivity, pathogenicity, and virulence of a pathogen (or pathogens) of key concern may influence the decision on what types of PPE are used or protocols in putting on (called donning) or taking off (called doffing) PPE. As a reminder,

  • Infectivity is the ability of an organism to penetrate and reproduce in a host; it does not imply disease;
  • Pathogenicity is the ability of an organism to cause disease;
  • Virulence is the ability of organism to cause severe disease or death.

A pathogen can be relatively high, low or vary across these measures.


You can educate yourself by referencing your veterinary school notes or key texts or websites.  Examples include the following:

Visit this website to learn/review the route(s) of transmission, animal species most commonly involved and zoonotic potential of specific pathogens.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

If you are new to the general topic of PPE, you may find the following resources helpful:


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