Skill Group: Clinical Pharmacology and Hospital Management

Dispensing a Prescription

Before You Start …

Before you begin this lesson, you should first master the skills covered in lessons 1 – 3.


In the last lesson, you learned how to write a prescription. Now, it is time to take that information and learn to correctly fill and label various types of prescriptions.

Many veterinary practices act as a dispensary and fill the prescription medications for their patients. This is particularly true for medications that are produced for the veterinary market, since they are unlikely to be available at a human pharmacy.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Fill a prescription of each of the following: oral tablets, oral liquid, injectable liquid and suspension.
  • Demonstrate proper handling of various medications.
  • Demonstrate proper labeling of prescribed medications.

Filling a Prescription

Video: Dispensing a Prescription

Tablets and Capsules – Start to 01:48
Oral Solutions and Suspensions – 01:48 to 03:40
Injectables – 03:40 to 05:07

Completing a Label for the Filled Prescription

Video: Requirements of a Prescription Label

(Watch from 05:07 to end)

Wrapping Up

In this lesson, you learned to write a prescription.

OSU students: you are now ready to put your newly-learned skills to practice in the skills center! Please be advised that your participation in the skills center activity may be required for receiving full credit in the course(s) that incorporate(s) this lesson.


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