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Tulathromycin [Farm Animal]

Restriction Status



Species Usage Dose
Camelids Label Dose No labeled dose.
Cattle Label Dose 2.5mg/kg SQ once
Small Ruminants For goats 2.5mg/kg SQ once, repeat in 7d if necessary (extra-label use)
Swine Label Dose 2.5mg/kg IM once

Brand Name(s)



Tulathromycin is a concentration-dependent, bacteriostatic, macrolide antibiotic. Tulathromycin is active against Gram-negative aerobes and has improved efficacy against Gram-negative aerobes compared to other macrolide antibiotics. Tulathromycin is also efficacious against Mycoplasma spp. and anaerobes such as Fusobacterium spp. Distribution is wide throughout the body, and tulathromycin has a tendency to accumulate and persist in the lungs. Excretion is primarily as unchanged drug in feces and urine.

Current Uses within OSU-VMC

  • Treatment or control of bovine respiratory disease associated with Mannheimia spp., Pasteurella spp., Histophilus spp., or Mycoplasma spp.
  • Treatment or control of swine respiratory disease associated with Actinobacillus spp., Pasteurella spp., Bordetella bronchiseptica, Haemophilus spp., or Mycoplasma spp.
  • Treatment of bovine interdigital necrobacillosis (foot rot).
  • Treatment of infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (pinkeye).

Contraindicated Uses

  • Not approved for use in lactating dairy cattle (>20 months of age)

Illegal Uses

  • Although not illegal, since this product is not approved for use in lactating dairy cattle, a zero drug tolerance is established in any tissues (meat or milk) from dairy cattle > 20 months of age.

Formulations Available within the OSU Pharmacy

  • Draxxin 100mg/ml injectable suspension


  • Do not inject more than 10mL per site in cattle, or 2.5mL per site in swine.


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