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FDA Restricted and Prohibited Drugs [Farm Animal]

GROUP I. Drugs with No Allowable Extra-Label Uses in Any Food-Producing Animal Species

  • GLYCOPEPTIDES – all agents, including VANCOMYCIN
  • NITROFURANS – all agents, including FURAZOLIDINE, NITROFURAZONE and others

GROUP II. Drugs with Restricted Extra-Label Uses in Food-Producing Animal Species

  • ADAMANTANE & NEURAMINIDASE INHIBITORS – Extra-label use (ELDU) of these drugs is prohibited in poultry including chickens, turkeys and ducks in the United States. Although these drugs are not approved for use in animals in the United States, some of these drugs are used in other countries for the treatment or prevention of avian influenza in chickens, turkeys and ducks.
    • ELDU of all cephalosporin antibiotics, except CEPHAPIRIN, is restricted in the United States. ELDU restrictions differ for Major vs. Minor Food Animal
    • Species as noted below:
      • Major Food Animal Species(Cattle, Pigs, Chickens and Turkeys): ELDU is permissible only for therapeutic indications that are not included on the product label. However, ELDU of cephalosporin antibiotics is prohibited in all of the following situations:
        • a) the intended use of the product deviates from the approved dose, treatment duration, frequency or administration route on the product label,
        • b) the intended use of a product in an unapproved major species or animal production class,
        • c) the intended use of the product for the purpose of disease prevention.
      • Minor Food Animal Species(all species that are not major species): ELDU of cephalosporin antimicrobial agents is permitted in these species.
  • GENTIAN VIOLET – use is prohibited in food or feed of all food-producing animal species
  • INDEXED DRUGS – ELDU of these drugs is prohibited in all food producing animals, with some exceptions for minor-use animal species that are not used as food for humans or other animals.
  • PHENYLBUTAZONE – all uses of this drug is prohibited in female dairy cattle greater than 20 months of age.
    • ELDU of all sulfonamides and potentiated sulfonamides is prohibited in adult lactating dairy cattle or dairy cattle greater than 20 months of age.
    • Only labeled uses of approved sulfonamides are allowed.
    • ELDU of sulfonamides in milking sheep and goats is discouraged but not prohibited.


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