Chapter 12: Video Messaging

Areas of Caution

The ability to create videos quickly and easily using cellphones makes it tempting to churn out video content at every turn. But Love cautions against jumping right to video creation without a firm idea or plan. He notes that the percentage of the millions of hours of video on YouTube that is truly “watchable” is probably pretty low, and that it’s important to have a point of view because you’re trying to tell a story.


“Ninety percent of your time should be spent thinking about what you’re going to make and 10 percent should be spent making it.”


Planning ahead also helps you capture the video you need to tell your story. Love points out that because you’re capturing real live things happening, you can’t go back and get more if you’re trying to capture that moment in time or that interview. He advises thinking ahead so that when you’re in the moment and that “thing” happens, you can make a decision based on the story you’re trying to tell.


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