Chapter 13: Producing Your Own News

Find Newsworthy Story Ideas

Staying connected and paying attention go a long way toward unearthing newsworthy content within an organization. Attend meetings and company events. Read current and past issues of company newsletters, magazines or other background materials. Review industry blogs to stay up on current trends. Conduct interviews with relevant people or to follow up on interesting leads. OhioHealth got a great response from the public and media for its Secret Lives series, which shows the other sides of physicians, nurses and subject matter experts. One article highlighted a physician who is also a ping pong champion and another about a neurologist who is an avid ballroom dancer.Gleason says she and her team also follow the news and watch anything gathering attention. “We ask ‘what’s happening in the world and is there a local or Ohio tie? Do we have an expert on this topic to help better explain the topic?’”


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