Chapter 6: Executive Writing

PR Pro Advice: Hinal Pujara, Account Coordinator, Belle Communication

Advice for Students

Hinal Pujara

In professional emails, it is critical to articulate your message to the recipient in a clear, concise and effective way. You can start the email with a warm greeting, share a brief status update and then define action steps + needs with a deadline. When making a request in the email, you can increase the visibility of your ask by highlighting it in a different color or bolding it to set it apart from the rest of the email. To maintain conciseness and improve readability, you can also structure the email using bullet points. These techniques will allow your reader to efficiently read your email and identify the need. Keeping the subject line straightforward is also just as important. Considering adding “Status Update” or “For Review” in the subject line to give the reader an idea of what they should expect in the body copy. By incorporating these strategies, your email will make a strong impression and ensure a smoother communication process.


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