Chapter 13: Visual Messaging

Practical Details Matter

For graphics, the capabilities and needs of those producing the visuals also play a primary role. Allie Lehman says, “I like to ask the question of who’s going to be managing this work – who’s going to be posting it. Does it need to be duplicated for future months or years?” This dictates the type of visual produced and the programs used to create it.


The Wonder Jam worked with a real estate group with multiple realtors who needed to create the same documents regularly. Complex designs originally created in the desktop publishing software Adobe Photoshop or InDesign were replicated in the user-friendly and free online site Canva so the realtors could duplicate them or populate ready-made designs month after month.


“We had talked about their goals, created things in our own programs and then created something that empowered them to own their brand,” says Allie Lehman. This protected the group from disjointed graphics that chipped away at the larger brand image.


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