Chapter 11: Ads and Fliers

How the Pros Do It: Targeted Messages Show Where Grinnell College Shines

Grinnell College saw itself as a small liberal arts college in the middle of Iowa. But when the team from marketing and branding agency Ologie visited campus, they saw a community with academic excellence that chose to study far from urban distraction. A college and town that became the birthplace of extraordinary journeys.


Ologie created ads for different audience segments by program, major and interests. The ads focused on three messages:

As Ologie launched the campaign, they also tracked responses and optimized ads to focus communications on the most engaged prospects by audience segments.


“By testing messages in real time and pivoting as data would suggest, we’ve appreciated the opportunity to use empirical evidence to inform marketing decisions,” Joseph Bagnoli, Jr., vice president for enrollment, dean of admission and financial aid.


The campaign generated a 64% increase in applications and a 12% increase in prospective students who feel “very familiar” with Grinnell.

Read more about Ologie’s work with Grinnell College.



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