Chapter 13: Visual Messaging

PR Pro Advice: Allie Lehman, Founder, The Wonder Jam

Advice for Students

Allie Lehman, The Wonder Jam

It’s really important for students to be comfortable with writing. We talk a lot about how writing is the basis for a lot of what we do. When we design a website we need text and to have intentional words behind it. Another skillset is having an idea of what looks good. Surround yourself by visuals that are interesting and start asking yourself why they are interesting. Have a reason for what makes it unique and apply that toward your projects or client work. Also, consider the art of asking questions. Being interested in what your peers are doing, what your professors are doing, what your clients are doing. Do not be afraid to ask why.

One of the best pieces of advice I got in college was from a professor. Even if you’re a great designer or writer or communicator if you don’t meet deadlines, you will not get as much work as the person next to you does even if they’re mediocre. The biggest indicator of a great worker, whether you’re more creative or more of a writer, is communicating it all effectively and meeting deadlines.


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